Wilhuff Dreadstone


Wilhuff Dreadstone is a dwarf who grew up in a community of humans, mostly isolated from his people. Being one of few dwarves in the community, he was ostracized for his race, and he grew angry and resentful as a result.

As he boiled with adolescent rage (in his early 20’s!), it was only a matter of time before Wilhuff struck out at his tormentors. He murdered one of the humans who bullied him in a violent outburst. Fortunately for him, the first person at the scene of the crime was a Chelaxian cleric of Asmodeus, Juriah Fallwell. Fallwell helped the young dwarf to conceal his crime, and trained the young dwarf to be his minion. A blunt instrument, Wilhuff was attracted to the inquisitor’s role, striking out as cunning assassin for the Dark Lord of Lies.

Wilhuff was committed to Branderscar Prison when his mentor sent him to assassinate a prominent member of the church of (whatever that good god’s name is). Sadly, the attempt failed. Fallwell was killed in the attempt, and both Wilhuff and his antipaladin co-conspirator were captured and charged with high treason.

Wilhuff Dreadstone

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