Nicolae Dracul



Nicolae Dracul was the son of a wealthy merchant in the city of Daveryn. As he grew up in Daveryn, he was the proper son doing all that was expected of him; including when he came of age, fulfilling his father’s dream for him of joining Knights of the Alerion as a Paladin of Mitra.

After becoming a Paladin, Nicolae spent a few years defending the northern regions from the bugbear tribes. On the battlefield, he earned a reputation as furious fighter that should no fear no matter how strong the enemy was. But he had little time for anything else, particular keeping contact with his family, being he kept being called to the frontline.

Thus, when he finally was able to get away from the fighting in the north and return home to Daveryn, Nicolae was shocked to find that his family had been ruined while he was away. His father had several contracts to get supplies for different orders fighting and defending Talingarde. Unfortunately, those orders felt his prices were too high when it came time to pay and refused to pay him what the supplies cost, even though they still took them under the moral justification of what was for the greater good of the people of Talingarde. These actions destroyed his family’s business and there livelihood.

Enraged with what happened and the fact that no one cared about what happen to his family, Nicolae turned his back on Mitra and made a pact with Asmodeus to seek revenge on the system that would allow this happen. He began to recruit others to join with him against the different orders of Mitra and House of Darius. Unfortunately not all that joined him were truly against Mitra, some were spies for the Knights of the Alerion. He and his followers were captured and charged with Sedition.

Nicolae Dracul

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