Way of the Wicked

Wilhuff's Kill List, Volume One

I done been broke outta prison, so I reckon I ought to get back into my old habits. This here’s where I go a’writin’ about all them folk that needs killin’ in the name of mighty Asmodeus.

Branderscar Prison ain’t all it was cracked up to be. Seems like they might coulda used some more guards, ‘cause we done kilt about all of ’em on our way out. Now, that ain’t ta say that it was easy; we was all mighty hurt by the time we set fire to the gates and staked that warden’s head to the pike at the front, and I reckon that it was on account of bein’ so tired that the there toad got the jump on me, and just about et’ me up.

Now we’re all in the employ of this Cardinal Thorn, and his minion, Tiadora, doin’ the Dark Lord’s work ag’in. Some of them others what escaped with me don’t seem like they’re too keen on the arrangment, so I reckon it’s my place to keep an eye on ‘em, in case they decide ta renege on that there contract they signed. I don’t think that Corporel even signed her contract. She holds the holy symbol of Asmodeus, but it don’t seem like she knows her place. Might be that I gotta issue a reminder of where she is in the scheme ’o things. Them others seem a little shifty, too.

Right now, Thorn’s got us a’runnin’ round some silly test, designed ta cull the weak. Seems ta me that we already done proved we ain’t weak by breakin’ out of the unbreakable prison, but I ain’t one ta question orders from the higher ups.

Still, I’ll feel a lot better when I’m out ended them that stand in the way of my infernal master, instead’a risking my life fer some test that ain’t provin’ nothin’ we don’t already know.



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